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PLUS: How TikTok launched a new AI chatbot

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🎉 Happy Monday! Last week was a whirlwind in AI advancements, but stay calm - I've curated 5 trailblazing AI tools designed to elevate your marketing. I highly recommend that you check out Adobe Photoshop’s new AI beta tool. It’s absolutely going to change the marketing game. I’ve included a few demos below to showcase the power of AI. Enjoy the read!


Reletter simplifies your search through a vast network of 1.3m+ email newsletters. Evaluate subscriber counts, contact details, traffic estimates, and much more. Leverage Reletter to sponsor or feature on newsletters, amplifying your reach effectively.


Say goodbye to crafting testimonials from ground zero with an AI testimonial generator! Simply input your thoughts (keywords) about a specific product or service. The more comprehensive your details, the more tailored and compelling the AI-generated copy will be!


Craft captivating and dynamic charts effortlessly with Graphy Lite. It's as simple as 1-2-3: input your data, infuse your unique style, and disseminate your creation. Chart-making has never been this delightful!


Recast reshapes your content consumption experience, catering to your active lifestyle or your need for convenience. Say goodbye to sifting through lengthy articles. Recast converts them into engaging, enlightening, and digestible audio chats, taking your knowledge quest to an entirely new level of comfort.


FinalScout, a savvy Chrome extension, puts professional email addresses from any LinkedIn profile just a click away. Even better, it lets you harvest LinkedIn profiles complete with emails directly from LinkedIn search outcomes. Professional networking has never been this seamless..



  • TikTok is testing an in-app chatbot - (Link)

  • NVIDIA: The hot new AI stock (Link)

  • DraGAN new way to manipulate images (Link)

How to Use Photoshop AI Text-To-Image


New Adobe Photoshop AI (Beta)


AI Photoshop: #artificialintelligence #midjourneyart #adobe #imageedits #openai AI was just added to Photoshop, and it is very fun. It i... See more


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— Cliff Worley

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