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PLUS: How to get use ChatGPT Plug-ins

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🎉 Cheers to a fresh Monday! Last week was a whirlwind in AI advancements, but stay calm - I've curated 4 trailblazing AI tools designed to elevate your marketing. Plus, introducing two exciting sections to our newsletter - TikTok and Tweet of the Week. Enjoy the read!


Bard is Google's pioneering venture into the realm of conversational AI chat services. Its operations echo those of ChatGPT, but with a distinctive twist - it draws its wealth of knowledge directly from the internet. Just like the majority of AI chatbots, Bard is adept at programming, solving mathematical conundrums, and bolstering your writing endeavors


Empowering your documents with AI, PDF.ai transforms legal agreements and financial reports into an interactive experience. Ask, summarize, find - all with unprecedented ease


Beehiiv fuels creation, revenue, and growth with an all-encompassing newsletter platform. They equip you with top-tier tools for success and the sweet deal? You pocket all the revenue. Empowerment, monetization, and growth - all in one hive.


Unveiling ChatGPT for iOS: OpenAI's cutting-edge innovation, now in your palm. The official, ad-free app not only keeps your history in sync across devices but also continuously updates you with OpenAI's latest breakthroughs.



  • ChatGPT Plug-ins are live for everyone - (Link)

    • If you want to see all the various plug-ins, Go here (Link)

  • ChatGPT launches for iOS (Link)

How to use chatgpt plug-ins


Create your own AI Song


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