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  • 🛠 By Next Labor Day, AI Will Be Doing All The Labor

🛠 By Next Labor Day, AI Will Be Doing All The Labor

PLUS: OpenAI is now making $80 Million a month

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off.

We take no days off over here to make sure you have the latest AI news delivered to your inbox 😃. However, I did allocate some time to analyze which VC firms are subscribed to this newsletter and here are some of them:

Thanks for your support!

In Today’s Edition:

  • 😮 Most Americans haven’t even used ChatGPT

  • 🛠️ 5 new AI tools to check out on your day off

  • 📝 Advanced prompt engineering tips

  • 💰 ChatGPT is earning $80 million a month

Read time: 3 minutes


🎨 Color IO- Steal color grades from images (link)

✍️ ReplyMind- Easily reply to social media messages (link)

💰 Salssy- Automate your LinkedIn sales outreach (link)

🤖 FormulaBot- Analyze your excel data with AI (link)

🔉 Audioread- Use AI to listen to anything you don’t want to read (link)

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