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🛠 Marketing Tools You Should Know (MTYSK) #8

A newsletter featuring the latest marketing tools to grow your business or brand

🛠 Marketing Tools 4/4/2023

Hi 👋 

Happy Tuesday! Ready to take your brand to the next level? Say hello to these 5 game-changing marketing tools. These tools will save you time and skyrocketing your growth 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Bring your content to life with Jitter! In just 3 simple steps, create dazzling animations that will captivate your audience. Say goodbye to boring static videos, websites, and apps and hello to dynamic visuals with Jitter!


Boost your LinkedIn profile views with the AI magic of LinkedIn Headline Generator! Get custom headlines that make you stand out to recruiters and make your profile shine brighter than the crowd - all with just a few clicks.


Unlock your content creation superpowers with GoCharlie, a cutting-edge generative AI. With just one click, GoCharlie helps you generate jaw-dropping blogs, eye-catching ads, and stunning websites - the possibilities are endless.


Elevate your brand’s visual identity with this unmissable tool! With Midjourney, you can create high-resolution paintings, digital art, and logos simply by writing a prompt. Transforming words into stunning visuals just got easier!


Do you struggle with awkward pauses while filming a video? All you have to do is feed the AI Video Script Generator a few words, and it will return you a catchy script that you can captivate your audience with. Never get lost for words again!


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That’s it for this time! See you next week.

— Cliff Worley

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