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🛠Marketing Tools You Should Know (MTYSK) #6

A newsletter featuring the latest marketing tools to grow your business or brand

🛠 Marketing Tools 3/27/2023

Hi 👋 

Happy Monday! I have 8 new game-changing marketing tools designed to supercharge your brand and save you time. Don't miss out on these must-try resources!

With Marketing Calendar and Planner, obtain monthly inspiration for your marketing efforts. Sort calendar events by location, B2B/B2C, and more. Seamlessly import project plans into Airtable, ClickUp, Notion, Google Calendar, Sheets, or Trello. Access 50+ pre-built, engaging email templates for immediate use.


Reverse Contact, a reverse email search utility, uncovers LinkedIn profiles and generates employee/company details using only an email address (including personal ones). Enhance your data enrichment workflow effortlessly in just a few clicks!


Build your affiliate stores rapidly with AI, transforming your interests into earnings! Evolup fuses speed, ease, and performance by leveraging artificial intelligence, cutting-edge SEO capabilities, and seamless integration with Amazon's affiliate program.


Notion Typed, a web-based solution, converts Notion pages into PDFs with ease. While the official Notion app offers comparable export options, Notion Typed adds extra features, enhancing the readability and appeal of your Notion pages both on screen and in print.


ZooTools Panda simplifies lead collection and audience growth. Craft viral waitlists, engaging contests, referral initiatives, and beyond with this versatile tool at your fingertips.


Navigating YouTube's intricate algorithm is challenging—let AI assist you in idea generation and growth strategies for your channel. Drawing from data across numerous channels, Morise.ai comprehends the essence of virality.


ColorMagic, a GPT-3 AI-powered color palette creator, generates ready-to-use palettes from your text-based color mood or image. Effortlessly choose colors for presentations, web design, graphic design, and beyond!

SaaS Prompts offers a growing library of 500+ ChatGPT prompts tailored to boost your SaaS product, entirely free with no payment needed. Browse by category and uncover a wealth of prompting concepts to elevate your business.


That’s it for this time! See you next week.

— Cliff Worley

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