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🛠Marketing Tools You Should Know (MTYSK) #5

A newsletter featuring the latest marketing tools to grow your business or brand

🛠 Marketing Tools 3/17/2023

Hi 👋 

Happy Saturday! I have a fresh set of new marketing tools to check out over the weekend. Let’s get right into it!

With Extractify, YouTube creators can effortlessly expand their presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. In just a few clicks, generate engaging tweets, Twitter threads, and LinkedIn posts directly from your video content, effectively broadening your audience across multiple platforms.


With Email Validation IO, Streamline your email validation process by automatically verifying contact information using the user-friendly email checker, designed to ensure accuracy and eliminate the hassle of manual validation, ultimately saving you time and enhancing your communication efficiency.


Promptbase serves as a dynamic marketplace dedicated to the purchase and sale of high-quality AI prompts, specifically curated for top-tier AI tools, fostering a thriving community of users who can exchange creative and effective prompts to enhance their AI-driven experiences.


MeltingSpot empowers users by providing a platform where they can initiate engaging discussion channels, seamlessly centralize all their content in one organized space, and effortlessly incorporate member directories, fostering a robust and interactive environment for collaboration and communication.


Social Comments GPT is an open-source Chrome extension that crafts captivating comments on social media, leveraging the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT. A valuable time-saving tool for professionals and influencers alike, it enhances engagement, reach, and lead generation for a stronger online presence.


Elevate your stories with Tome’s cutting-edge format! Unleash creativity through live embeds, prototypes, 3D renderings & more Drag, drop, and watch your ideas soar effortlessly!


Meet Dover Copilot, your AI recruiting sidekick! Powered by GPT-4, it’s here to revolutionize your candidate outreach in your Chrome browser. No more email hunting or drafting struggles!


That’s it for this time! See you next week.

— Cliff Worley

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