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🎉 Happy Monday! It's astounding how rapidly AI is transforming the marketing landscape. Discover 4 innovative marketing tools I've unearthed this week to boost your growth. Plus, check out the newest addition to our newsletter—an AI-focused section where you can stay updated on the latest AI news and enjoy insightful AI tutorials.

Kidgeni (Sponsored)

Unlock your child’s inner Picasso. Kidgeni is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn AI art!

Generative art that your kids can wear:

  • 🚀 Explore and learn about prompts

  • 🚀 Generate ai art and make some magic

  • 🚀 Ship your creations directly to your door step

👉 Get started today, click here.

Simplify your web experience with Bookmarks to Notion! Say goodbye to scattered bookmarks and hello to a centralized hub. With just one click, all your browser bookmarks will be saved in Notion.


Ready to bring your digital persona to life? Meet SpiritMe - the ultimate AI avatar creator! Simply type in any text and watch as SpiritMe generates a video that speaks with your voice, appearance, and even emotions.


Ready to transform your product photos from basic to breathtaking? Using Zyng, simply upload your product image, select studio mode, or describe your desired placement. Within seconds, you'll have stunning, professional product photos that will make your brand stand out.


If you are struggling to get the word out, this is the tool for you! PressHook is a free press release generator that will help you get the media exposure you need in no time - get ready to make waves with little effort!



  • How to get started with Midjourney - Creating your first AI art (Link)

  • Airtable AI is now here (Link)

  • Meta announces Generative AI features for advertisers. (Link)

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