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  • 🛠 You Can Now Create Amazing Images in ChatGPT

🛠 You Can Now Create Amazing Images in ChatGPT

PLUS: Google Bard Now Connects To Your Google Apps

In Today’s Edition:

  • 📈 Create amazing images within ChatGPT

  • 🛠️ 5 new AI tools you haven’t heard of

  • 🗣️ Elon’s Neuralink now accepts human patients

  • 🥤 Google Bard can now connect to your Google apps

🎙️ Speaking in London on AI at the EU VC Platform Summit

Read time: 3 minutes


🎶 Alicent- Curated one-click prompts (link)

🗣️ Accountabilabuddy- AI buddy keeps you accountable via text (link)

🖼️ Glimpse- Chat with the internet (link)

📧 Durable- Build a website in 30 seconds with AI (link)

🌍 Vociestars- Get your favorite artist to sing any song (link)

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Google Bard Update: Huge!!!!

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